Optimum Financial Group

among the largest companies in Québec and in Canada

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Activity sectors

Discover our 7 activity sectors in Canada, in the United States and in France.

A few numbers

Our diversified, global and privately-owned financial group is dedicated to the financial security of our clients since 1969.
over620employeesacross Canada, the United States and in France
nearly CAD1.1billionin revenues annually
880 million USD740 million EUR
nearly CAD8.5billionin assets under management in Canada, the United States and in France
6.7 billion USD5.9 billion EUR
To December 31, 2021
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Organizational culture

Our involvement in the community and the well-being of our employees.
Left hand holding in front of the sun a wooden house shape with a heart shape hole in the middle and the symbol of woman at the right.


Since 2022, Optimum and its employees support women who experience violence by offering financial support, donating various items, and volunteering for four regional organisations playing a key role in supporting and housing victims.

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Three professionals from the business world talking together.


Your professional development is important to us. You will evolve in an environment filled with experts where you will be called to participate in many projects.

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