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Asset Management


Optimum Asset Management

Optimum Asset Management is a firm that focuses on quantitative and credit analysis, and that combines micro and macroeconomic analysis. We redefine investment strategies by combining the high technicality of our experts with our business intelligence technology, while incorporating responsible investment principles into our portfolio management.

Our strategies are elaborated both to design the future and to meet today’s needs. We work closely with our clients to provide enlightening advice that meets their specific needs, regardless of the complexity. We use information modeling in our decision-making process to maximize returns, while incorporating one of the most advanced risk management processes. Our strategies are based on a proprietary intelligence technology, stemming from research and in-house development, to optimize our portfolio management operations. This technology gives us a distinct advantage in that it allows us to quickly assess the intrinsic value of securities and make the most of attractive investment opportunities in real time.

With a track record of over 35 years of tradition, client focus and excellence, we have assembled a team of professionals with a very high level of expertise from various spheres of the financial and technological industries. By combining our talents with those of our sister companies Optimum Gestion Financière S.A. in France and Optimum Quantvest Corporation in the United States, the presence of our teams in three countries gives us privileged access to different markets.


425 De Maisonneuve W. blvd, Suite 1620
Montréal (Québec)  H3A 3G5, CANADA
Tel.: +1 514 288-7545
Fax: +1 514 288-4280

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Optimum Gestion Financière

Close to our clients and entirely at their service, our experienced team applies a structured and rigorous investment process. As strategic than quantitative, our experts have deep knowledge in asset management and financial modeling. They focus on risk management and favour a management philosophy that is both oriented towards creating long-term value and capital preservation.

Our company manages several mutual investment funds for institutional or private investors and is one of the only French asset management companies to actively manage a Canadian equity fund. We also invest in European equities and bonds. Aiming to help our clients achieve their goals, our tailored investment strategies are consistent with their risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Our human scale investment management company works closely with our sister companies, Optimum Asset Management Inc. in Canada and Optimum Quantvest Corporation in the United States, to integrate an international vision into our economic forecasts.


94, rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris, FRANCE
Tel.: +33 1 44 15 81 81

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Optimum Quantvest

Optimum Quantvest Corporation is an asset management firm that has put down roots from a banking background with insurance companies by applying sound risk management in its decision making. Our approach is one of investment consulting and partnership. We look at several solutions from different angles and find the strategy that meets the client's specific needs.

Our strategies in both bonds and U.S. stocks are based on long-term economic, tactical and fundamental analysis. Our management philosophy combines a macroeconomic perspective of sectors in the economy and interest rates, with an inherent fair value bias for security selection. Our structured investment process seeks to achieve long-term investment goals.

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we work with insurance companies, pension funds, captive insurance companies, corporations, endowments, foundations and individuals in the United States and Bermuda. We enhance our financial markets analysis by collaborating and sharing proprietary technology tools with our sister asset management firms based in Montréal (Canada) and Paris (France).


1345 River Bend Drive, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75247, U.S.A.
Tel.: +1 469 807-3228

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