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Optimum Financial Group is dedicated to the financial security of its clients since 1969. Global and privately-owned, it is diversified in the sectors of actuarial consulting, asset management, general insurance, information technology, life insurance, life reinsurance, and real estate. The Group has over 620 employees in subsidiaries operating mainly across Canada, the United States and in France. Its revenues are nearly 1.1 billion Canadian dollars, its assets under management totalise nearly CAD8.5 billion in Canada, the United States and in France and its total assets rise up to 6 billion Canadian dollars.

Corporate values

Our employees share our values which guide our decision-making and operational processes. These values strengthen the sense of belonging in the great Optimum family and are an integral part of our DNA, on top of support our brand image. We build the future on solid values as one unified group.
  • Client focus

    We focus our efforts on client satisfaction and prioritize maintaining long-term relationships with them and with our business partners.

  • Employee focus

    We pay special attention to our employees, their expectations and their professional development.

  • Integrity

    We require a high level of ethic, honesty and righteousness in our daily actions, and reflect it in our commitments and our policies.

  • Expertise

    Our most precious resource and our capacity to distinguish ourselves reside in the talent, the expertise and the sense of innovation of our team.

  • Risk management

    We ensure that risk management is an integral part of all our decisions.

  • Rigorousness

    We distinguish ourselves by our rigor in every activity, and at every level of the organization.

  • Solidity

    Our development is applied in a perspective of measured and profitable growth, which reinforces our financial strength, our stability and our sustainability.


Your professional development is important to us. You will evolve in an environment filled with experts where you will be called to participate in many projects aiming to broaden your field of expertise. Your ability to influence will enable you to have a real impact on the course of our business.

Our privately-owned global financial group is solid and constantly growing. Throughout the years, it has diversified into seven activity sectors while maintaining a human scale. You will thus have the opportunity to develop your talents within these dynamic sectors. The success of our multidisciplinary teams is based both on our managers and our well-rounded employees. Our group has maintained a warm atmosphere and is proud of its corporate values and philanthropic commitment.


Your well-being contributes to your fulfilment within our Group. As an employee, you can participate in various conferences and activities with colleagues as part of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Months. You will strengthen bonds with your team members during your company's annual event and benefit from additional mental and physical health support, if desired, with our Well-Being Program.


We offer paid internships in many activity sectors. This initiative is aligned with our desire to attract top talent by offering a financial support, along with a stimulating and rewarding work experience.

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Claude, an employee of an Optimum Financial Group company based in Montréal.


« Working at Optimum means evolving in an environment with many and varied development opportunities. The management team puts a constant and personalized attention to the fulfillment of its greatest resource: its employees. If you wish to tackle stimulating challenges in a solid financial group that remains on a human scale, Optimum is an excellent choice! »

  • Development opportunity

  • Human scale

  • Strong, performing and privately-owned financial group

Amélie, an employee of an Optimum Financial Group company based in Montréal.


« I began my career at Optimum fresh out of university after completing my bachelors in actuarial science. Leadership always believed in me and offered many opportunities for professional development. During the past 18 years, I have demonstrated my capabilities and progressed within the company since I’m now in a Vice-President position. I’m the proof that it is possible to build a great career at Optimum. »

  • Development opportunity


Logo of the Fondation Dr Julien.

Fondation Dr Julien

Since 2013, Optimum Financial Group supports the Fondation Dr Julien (FDJ). Their mission is to help children from vulnerable environments develop their full potential and improve their well-being. Over 2,000 children and their family have access to social pediatric care and services offered by the FDJ. The amount of $101,587 has been given to the FDJ in December 2021, totaling over $800,000 in donations over nine years, thanks to the participation of our employees in the activities of the annual fundraising campaigns and corporate matching donations.

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Nautilus symbol

The nautilus is a symbol of stability and sustainability. Much like the nautilus which adds new and larger chambers to its shell at the pace of its growth, the Group continues its measured expansion and consolidates its gains before initiating any new commitment. Since its foundation, the Group seeks a balanced development to ensure its long-term performance.

The nautilus of Optimum Financial Group in 1969. In 2019, a new nautilus modernized by the number of colored segments cut in half and the spacing between each segment slightly increased for optimal readability.
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