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Optimum IT Solutions

Our client-service oriented team is dedicated to creating value in information technology (IT) for Optimum Group’s companies. Our efficient operations management and deep knowledge of each company’s business enable us to position ourselves as a partner of our clients and to offer high-quality services at optimal costs. Diligent monitoring of market trends, ongoing training of our talents and seeking cutting-edge consulting keep us on top of technological advances and potential threats to our IT security.

Our IT services are divided into three areas, namely infrastructure management, which ensures the stability and healthy evolution of systems, IT security management, which aims to mitigate risks in an optimal manner, and application deployment, which contributes directly to the success of the companies within the Group. The latter includes consulting in the selection of appropriate IT solutions, as well as the design and delivery of innovative solutions that allow companies to be increasingly autonomous in terms of IT, thus ensuring greater flexibility and providing a competitive advantage.

Our employees are committed to client focus in their interventions, while the values of rigor and expertise are reflected in all our operational processes. With a global view of the companies and long-term IT trends, we offer technology infrastructures that are closely aligned to the needs of the companies within the Group. Our project management approach promotes on-time delivery, on-budget with expected features.


425 De Maisonneuve W. blvd, Suite 1610
Montréal (Québec)  H3A 3G5, CANADA
Tel.: +1 514 288-1661
Fax : +1 514 288-8152

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