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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance


Optimum Life Insurance

Close to our clients, we build a long-term and trust-based relationship with our brokers and partners. Our professional and personalized service is supported by an attentive listening of their needs. Our company has managed to keep a human scale approach while developing its expertise, which allows us to be highly agile and responsive to new market developments. We distinguish ourselves by our diligent financial management, focused on preserving the capital of our insureds.

Our brokerage network distributes our range of solutions, divided into three lines: life insurance, savings and retirement. Our partners offer our white-labeled solutions. We are identified both as a primary supplier and as a complementary supplier. We are creative and agile in the design of our insurance solutions so that they are adapted to the real needs of our clients.

Since 1975, we offer to our clients and partners a high level of expertise, healthy risk management, as well as good financial stability and sustainability. We remain the only Canadian-owned life insurance company in France.


94, rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris, FRANCE
Tel.: +33 1 44 15 81 81

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