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Discover our 7 sectors of activities in Canada, in the United States and in France.


Multidisciplinary partner of our clients’ success, we offer a strategic vision of all spheres of global compensation. In a context of workforce scarcity with talent retention and attraction challenges, our experts team up with leaders and their teams. We tackle human resources challenges entrusted to us, having an impact on our clients’ business objectives.

Global compensation is a key factor of our clients’ competitiveness and a lever for employee engagement. Our professional advisors guide them in the areas of retirement, group insurance, well-being and compensation, as well as health and occupational safety in the workplace funding. We offer practical and sustainable solutions that are focused on real needs.

For over 50 years, our human scale consulting firm is attentive, close to our clients and proactive to enlighten you in complete independance. Our team of seasoned actuaries includes Fellows from the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA) and the Society of Actuaries (FSA).


Optimum Asset Management is a firm that focuses on quantitative and credit analysis, and that combines micro and macroeconomic analysis. We redefine investment strategies by combining the high technicality of our experts with our business intelligence technology, while incorporating responsible investment principles into our portfolio management.

Our strategies are elaborated both to design the future and to meet today’s needs. We work closely with our clients to provide enlightening advice that meets their specific needs, regardless of the complexity. We use information modeling in our decision-making process to maximize returns, while incorporating one of the most advanced risk management processes. Our strategies are based on a proprietary intelligence technology, stemming from research and in-house development, to optimize our portfolio management operations. This technology gives us a distinct advantage in that it allows us to quickly assess the intrinsic value of securities and make the most of attractive investment opportunities in real time.

With a track record of over 30 years of tradition, client focus and excellence, we have assembled a team of professionals with a very high level of expertise from various spheres of the financial and technological industries. By combining our talents with those of our sister companies Optimum Gestion Financière S.A. in France and Optimum Quantvest Corporation in the United States, the presence of our teams in three countries gives us privileged access to different markets.


Close to our clients and entirely at their service, our experienced team applies a structured and rigorous investment process. As strategic and tactical than quantitative, our experts have deep knowledge in asset management and financial modeling. They focus on risk management and favour a management philosophy that is both oriented towards creating long-term value and capital preservation.

Our company manages several mutual investment funds for institutional or private investors and is one of the only French asset management companies to actively manage a Canadian equity fund. We also invest in European equities and bonds. Aiming to help our clients achieve their goals, our tailored investment strategies are consistent with their risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Our human scale investment management company works closely with our sister companies, Optimum Asset Management Inc. in Canada and Optimum Quantvest Corporation in the United States, to integrate an international vision into our economic forecasts.


Optimum Quantvest Corporation is an asset management firm that has put down roots from a banking background with insurance companies by applying sound risk management in its decision making. Our approach is one of investment consulting and partnership. We look at several solutions from different angles and find the strategy that meets the client's specific needs.

Our strategies in both bonds and U.S. stocks are based on long-term economic, tactical and fundamental analysis. Our management philosophy combines a macroeconomic perspective of sectors in the economy and interest rates, with an inherent fair value bias for security selection. Our structured investment process seeks to achieve long-term investment goals.

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we work with insurance companies, pension funds, captive insurance companies, corporations, endowments, foundations and individuals in the United States and Bermuda. We enhance our financial markets analysis by collaborating and sharing proprietary technology tools with our sister asset management firms based in Montréal (Canada) and Paris (France).



As a stable, preferred property & casualty insurance company in Canada that is fully committed to independent brokers, we provide specialized and innovative solutions to our valued broker partners and policyholders. Our adaptive products are exclusively available through an extensive distribution network of selected independent brokers across Canada.

Committed to and driven by long-term relationships, we provide personalized service and customized products to meet the emerging needs of individuals and businesses. Commercial property and liability, personal property and automobile insurance are at the core of our business lines. Our client-oriented and knowledgeable experts underwrite a variety of risks, including niche and non-commodity segments.

Since 1976, our team provides insurance to Canadians from our offices located in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Optimum General Inc. is a Canadian company operating through its three subsidiaries: Optimum Insurance Company Inc., Optimum West Insurance Company Inc. and Optimum Farm Insurance Inc.

OPTIMUM INFORMATIQUE INC. (Canada, United States, France, Caribbeean)

Our client-service oriented team is dedicated to creating value in information technology (IT) for Optimum Group’s companies. Our efficient operations management and deep knowledge of each company’s business enable us to position ourselves as a partner of our clients and to offer high-quality services at optimal costs. Diligent monitoring of market trends, ongoing training of our talents and seeking cutting-edge consulting keep us on top of technological advances and potential threats to our IT security.

Our IT services are divided into three areas, namely infrastructure management, which ensures the stability and healthy evolution of systems, IT security management, which aims to mitigate risks in an optimal manner, and application deployment, which contributes directly to the success of the companies within the Group. The latter includes consulting in the selection of appropriate IT solutions, as well as the design and delivery of innovative solutions that allow companies to be increasingly autonomous in terms of IT, thus ensuring greater flexibility and providing a competitive advantage.

Our employees are committed to client focus in their interventions, while the values of rigor and expertise are reflected in all our operational processes. With a global view of the companies and long-term IT trends, we offer technology infrastructures that are closely aligned to the needs of the companies within the Group. Our project management approach promotes on-time delivery, on-budget with expected features.


Close to our clients, we build a long-term and trust-based relationship with our brokers and partners. Our professional and personalized service is supported by an attentive listening of their needs. Our company has managed to keep a human scale approach while developing its expertise, which allows us to be highly agile and responsive to new market developments. We distinguish ourselves by our diligent financial management, focused on preserving the capital of our insureds.

Our brokerage network distributes our range of solutions, divided into three lines: life insurance, savings and retirement. Our partners offer our white-labeled solutions. We are identified both as a primary supplier and as a complementary supplier. We are creative and agile in the design of our insurance solutions so that they are adapted to the real needs of our clients.

Since 1975, we offer to our clients and partners a high level of expertise, healthy risk management, as well as good financial stability and sustainability. We remain the only Canadian-owned life insurance company in France.


Timely service and client-centric solutions are at the heart of everything we do. We build important long-term partnerships with our valued clients to develop a mutually beneficial future with them.

We are a full-service life and health reinsurer for individual and group insurance, as well as a pioneer and leader in travel reinsurance. We offer technical expertise, tailored solutions and reinsurance capacity.

Since 1973, we serve our clients across Canada from our offices in Montréal, Québec and Toronto, Ontario. Our financial strength rating is “A” (Excellent) with a stable outlook and we are the only reinsurer in Canada controlled by Canadian interests.


We aim to build successful partnerships and are committed to supporting the development of life insurance companies of all sizes in the United States. We offer our clients competitively priced reinsurance solutions, additional capacity when needed most, expert underwriting services, insightful research and development, state-of-the-art individual cession administration and skilled claims adjudication know-how. We are a leader in critical illness insurance and other niche markets, thanks to our extensive and recognized knowledge in risk management and claims assessment.

Our customized solutions tailored to the needs of our clients have allowed us to grow in a rapid yet controlled manner. We continue to expand our market presence organically and through select acquisitions.

Since 1987, we serve our clients throughout the United States from our office in Dallas, Texas. Our financial strength rating is “A” (Excellent) with a stable outlook.

OPTIMUM FONCIER INC. (Canada, United-States, France, Caribbean)

Optimum Real Estate assists and supports the Optimum Group’s companies in their real estate needs and is responsible for the preservation and development of the Group’s real estate assets in Canada, the United States, in France and in the Caribbean.

In the United States, the company manages a building in Texas, where the head office of Optimum Re Insurance Company is located, as well as a property and land in Florida.

In France, Optifranc S.A.S. mainly owns a building in the 8th district of Paris where our offices are located. Furthermore, a subsidiary, Norbec S.A.S., owns the Domaine du Tremblay, located in Normandie.

Another subsidiary, Optimum Caraïbes S.A.S., owns seven luxury villas on the island of Saint-Martin available for rent.

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