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March 10, 2022

Optimum Financial Group unveils its new Web site

MONTRÉAL, March 10, 2022 – Optimum Financial Group launches its new Web site showcasing its seven activity sectors and global operations. Originally a firm founded by two actuaries in 1969, the Group has since diversified its activities through measured growth; this Web site displays the scale and uniqueness of Optimum today.

Clients and stakeholders can browse through business information, and potential employees may gain insight on the corporate culture. It is also the focal point for navigating the many digital properties of the Group's subsidiaries. This new Web site follows the launching of the revitalized corporate brand for Optimum's 50th anniversary.

“At Optimum, proximity with our clients and business partners can also be translated as a better experience on our Web site”, comments Anabelle Blondeau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Optimum Group Inc. "During these unprecedented times, financial strength and sustainability, two of our core principles which constantly spur us on, are now more valued than ever in the market. Our new Web site provides the opportunity for everyone to rediscover us”.

In an era of increased digitalization, the new Web site offers a simple and efficient browsing experience on all electronic devices. Optimum IT Solutions, which creates IT added value for the Group and its subsidiaries, has developed the infrastructure and technological architecture of the new Web site using a modern tool conceived to meet the Group's ever-evolving needs.

Visit our new Web site

About Optimum Financial Group

Optimum Financial Group has been dedicated to the financial security of its clients for over 50 years. Global and privately-owned, it is diversified in the sectors of actuarial consulting, asset management, general insurance, life insurance, life reinsurance, real estate, and information technology. The Group has over 615 employees in subsidiaries operating mainly across Canada, the United States and in France. Its revenues reach nearly 1.2 billion Canadian dollars, and its total assets rise up to 6 billion Canadian dollars.

For further information, please contact:

Stéphanie A. Berthiaume
Director, Communications and Culture
Optimum Group Inc.

+ 1 514 288-2010
[email protected]

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